Victoria Beckham wears TINY hot pants for photoshoot, carries around GIANT handbag while running errands

Victoria Beckham has showed off her incredible body sporting a tiny pair of hot pants in a recent photo shoot.

Aren't you missing something VB? Copyright [Elle]

The 38-year-old fashion designer was interviewed in this month’s Elle sporting the aforementioned hardly their shorts for the accompanying photo shoot.

Dressed in a fluorescent green top, Victoria can be seen leaning against a bar with a drink in her hand, seemingly unaware that her bottom half is somewhat lacking in the clothes department.

Still, if you’ve got it.

From tiny hot pants to huge bags, Victoria Beckham was spotted earlier today running errands in Central London.

Victoria's bag was a bit on the large side. Copyright [Splash]

Wearing far more practical clothes than those worn in the photo shoot, Victoria lugged a giant hand bag around with her which looked more appropriate for on board airplane luggage than day-to-day use.

During her interview with Elle magazine, Victoria Beckham admitted that she has always felt that the public haven't warmed to her.

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She explained: “When I was on stage with the Spice Girls, I thought people were there to see the other four and not me.

“And when I go out with David and people take pictures I think, ‘They’re here to take David’s picture.’”

Vic thinks people don't like her. Copyright [Elle]

Since moving on from The Spice Girls, Victoria has become an incredibly successful fashion designer.

Asked for the secret behind her success, Victoria credits good old fashioned hard work.

She admitted: “I don’t have to work, I need to work. But I have a good work ethic. David has an incredible work ethic.

“I want my kids to have a good work ethic. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it.”

See Victoria Beckham's full photo shoot and read the interview in the March issue of ELLE UK, on sale January 30


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