‘Victoria Beckham was nervous at the Spice Girl Viva Forever launch’ says Mel C

Victoria Beckham couldn't have looked more uncomfortable when she rejoined the Spice Girls at the launch of Viva Forever earlier this week.

While Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and the two Mels hugged, Victoria chose to stand slightly away from the girls for the photo call.

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omg! spoke to Mel C about the photos at today's O2 Silver Clef awards and told us:

The Spice GirlsThe Spice Girls at the launch this week. Copyright [Getty]"We used to be in a little routine of where we each stand so we thought lets just go back in those positions.

"People need to realise that we've not been photographed together in five years and it was a big event and a big day for us.

"We were all apprehensive at first we were very nervous."

spice girlsMel C said the renuion was a wonderful day. Copyright [Twitter/Mel C]

Ah that explains the distance between the girls then!

Mel C who was all smiles at the charity event at the Hilton Hotel in London's Park Lane and spoke about how brilliant it was to have the Spice Girls back.

She added: "As the day went on, we all kind of got into our stride but we're all so excited about the show and we had a wonderful day."

When we asked why Victoria had to rush back to LA so quickly, Mel's reply was very supportive…

"Victoria is really busy launching her fashion collection, she was exhausted from it and it was just a flying visit for her."

mel cMel C donned a black jumpsuit for today's Silver Clef awards. Copyright [WENN]

The singer whose just landed a lead role in Jesus Christ Superstar, was keen to stress she doesn't hold any grudges for Victoria preventing the Spice Girls performing at the Jubilee gig.

Mel told us: "I have absolutely no resentment I love each and every one of the Spice Girls dearly.

"We all respect each other, we're all very grateful for each other because we know that without each other we wouldn't have gone on to do all the great things we do."

Aww, girl power indeed.