Victoria Beckham: I nearly backed out the Olympic Closing Ceremony due to nerves

Victoria Beckham has admitted she was so nervous about The Spice Girls performance at the Closing Ceremony she almost ducked out last minute.

Victoria hid her nerves well. Copyright: [rex]

While she may have put on an amazing performance on the outside, on the inside she was feeling super nervous.

Posh Spice told Heart FM how if it wasn't for Emma Bunton, her nerves were so bad that she might not have made it on stage.

She says how it was Baby Spice who ended up pushing her to go through with it:

"I was in the taxi with Emma before we started and I nearly just got out of the car," Victoria said.

Baby Spice convinced Posh to go on stage. Copyright: [rex]

Posh continued: "I was so nervous. I felt sick and Emma was so amazing. Honestly, that's how you know a real friend. If it wasn't for her, I would not have been out there."

Meanwhile, a friend of the star's say in actual fact Victoria suffered a full on panic attack before the show.

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A source told The Mirror: "Victoria played down the incident but she basically had a full-on panic attack and was in a complete state.

"Emma was brilliant and gave her a big hug, saying, 'It's all gonna be okay, you look amazing'."

However, we bet Victoria is pleased she did after the girls put on an absolutely fab show and were the talk of the Ceremony.