Victoria Beckham misses out as Spice Girls launch cocktail range as a four

Last night the Spice Girls launched their very own range of cocktails at Harvey Nichols however minus a Victoria Beckham.

Spice Girls minus a Posh. Copyright: [rex]

Yep, the girls were a Posh Spice down and arrived as a four.

This isn't the first time this has happened after Posh also failed to turn up at the launch of Viva Forever the musical.

However, on that occasion she did manage to swoop in last minute avec Team Beckham while last night she was just a massive no show.

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Perhaps, she just doesn't like cocktails? No, impossible.

Luckily, Jennifer Saunders was on hand to fill in her place although it's not exactly the same, is it?

While Posh doesn't have the old 'I'm in L.A' excuse anymore since her and David are now living on English soil, she does have the old fashion excuse.

Posh having a potter in London last week. Copyright: [splash]

Of course, she is in New York for fashion week! Cocktails must thus take a backseat.

Being a fully fledged fashionista nowadays she was probably in stitching some dresses or hemming a skirt.

The Spices each have a special cocktail. Copyright: [rex]

However, more to the point we just have to try one of these amazing sounding cocktails which are available at Harvey Nicks now!

Just don't get a Posh Spice as it might not turn up.

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