Victoria Beckham looks pencil thin in worrying Twitpic, we hope she’s all-WRITE

Victoria Beckham was looking particularly pencil thin in this snap posted on her Twitter account earlier this afternoon:


OK, so the real story here really is Victoria Beckham tweets posh pencil rather than is a posh pencil but the headline made us laugh so we hope you don't feel too duped.

In reality Posh tweeted a picture of a posh pencil with the message: "Poshest pencil ever!!! X v"

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Yes, there really are such things as posh pencils and these ones are designed by the very fashionable Prada, Prada pencils.

In other Posh news, her Spice Girls band mate has reportedly been bad mouthing the star.

Actual Victoria Beckham *not* a pencil. Copyright: [Splash]

Speaking at the girls cocktail launch in London's Harvey Nichols this week Geri implied Posh poses 'like she doesn't want to be there'.

Apparently when Judy Cramer stood in for Posh at the photo call she asked Geri jokingly how to pose.

Geri reportedly replied: "Just look awkward and like you don't want to be here."


Well, perhaps next time the girls could just recruit the services of a posh pencil to stand in instead?

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