Victoria Beckham keeps her mouth covered while watching David Beckham’s footy match, well perhaps she has a cold sore?

Victoria Beckham made sure she had her hand firmly over her mouth as she supported David Beckham's footy match.

Victoria kepts her hand firmly clamped over her mouth for most of the match. Copyright: [wenn]

We've looked and Victoria is covering her mouth in nearly every snap taken at the game.


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Maybe that is what's fashionable for next season? Or perhaps she has a cold sore?

There must be an explanation and we demand it!

We reckon Vic must be suffering from a cold sore. Copyright: [wenn]

Even when David's team won the match 2-0, Vicky B kept her hands close to her face.

And then we thought maybe it was so cold at the match that Posh Spice was just keeping warm.

However, everyone else seems to be alright including David's sister and Ma who were at the match with Victoria.

Vic was at the match with David's Ma and sister. Copyright: [wenn]

Victoria commuted from London to Paris for the match and was spotted rushing through Gare du Nord train station with not much time to spare.

Following the match Vic hopped back on the train to London.

We just hope David appreciated her efforts!

The match marked David's first game with Paris San-Germain with whom he has a five month contract.

David has agreed to give his entire salary to charity, the lovely man.