Victoria Beckham joins Spice Girls for Viva Forever, makes it in the nick of time

Last night the Spice Girls were reunited to celebrate to opening of their brand new musical Viva Forever:

Trouble in Spice World? Victoria turns up late to musical premiereVictoria Beckham arrived late to the premiere of new Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever - leaving the other girls to do interviews on their own:

The Spice were reunited last night... just! Copyright: [rex]

Yep, even Victoria Beckham turned up giving us a full house!

However, was it all for the cameras as immediately as the girls entered the auditorium Posh was quick to distance herself and sit away from the other ladies.

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Plus, she turned up late for the photo call and very nearly didn't make it at all!

*raises eyebrow*

Victoria thanked her family first. Copyright: [rex]

When they got up on stage to say their thanks, Mel C,  Mel B, and Geri, thanked the writer Jennifer Saunders, producers and cast.

But Posh put her boys first, saying: "I'd like to thank my family and the girls."

She later thanked their former manager, Simon Fuller via Twitter:

Meanwhile, Mel B admitted over the weekend that the girls have rowed in the past, but insisted that they always make friends in the end.

Mel said: "Obviously there's been stories saying some of us hate each other and there are fall-outs. But we're like sisters."

She added: "You know, we go through ups and downs and sometimes we might be pissed off, but at the end of the day we're there for each other."

There for you, but just sometimes a bit further along down the aisle.