Victoria Beckham: 'People like me now' - gives the opposite of a 'candid' interview about her move to London

Victoria Beckham has never been an overly jovial celeb personality, keeping herself to herself and refusing to smile for the paps on any given occasion.

Victoria Beckham clearly thought we all hated her, but now that she's moved to London she thinks we all like her …

So it's not entirely a surprise that she thinks we all hate her... or used to.

The 38-year-old has given another rare interview - in aid of fashion week, obvs - and says she's surprised at how much people in London actually 'like' her now.

Speaking for all of two seconds with the Daily Telegraph in what must have been the shortest interview of all time, Victoria told the paper that the thing that's changed most about London is simply that "people like me now."

Yes, that's it, that's all she said on the matter.

Victoria answered a whopping seven questions (in seven very short answers) in the interview, also revealing that another perk to her family's return to the UK is that she can start wearing designer coats again.

She said: "I love being near my family and so close to the design studio. And there's always the opportunity to wear a fabulous coat."

Victoria Beckham says she misses the sunshine in LA but loves wearing winter jackets. Copyright [Splash]

However, the "lack of sunlight" was London's biggest downer for VB, which is probably why she's so desperate to keep her family in LA.

According to sources (because we ALL believe those on every single occasion), she and David disagreed over bringing the boys and Harper to the UK, with Victoria worried that it would uproot them too much.

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During a recent live web chat, Victoria told her fans that she misses LA but is "enjoying spending time in London".

Is it just us, or does 'spending time' sound like it's just a casual holiday/temporary move...?

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