Victoria Beckham and David celebrate 14 years of marriage (yes we feel old too) but HE'S the lucky one, not her

I was a bit obsessed with those pictures of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham running in the parents’ races at Cruz’s school sports day.

David and Victoria Beckham have been married 14 years today. Copyright [FlameFlynet]

Obviously because I wanted to know what shoes Posh was wearing that she could possibly run in, but also because it seemed to sum the couple up.

Becks grinning with a medal slung around his neck after zooming past a balding dad in a polo t-shirt; Posh with her sunglasses still on, looking a bit awkward as she finished behind fellow A-list parent, Stella McCartney.

Victoria Beckham lost to Stella McCartney in the mums' race. Copyright [FameFlynet]

David Beckham won the dads race at Cruz's sports day yesterday. Copyright [FameFlynet]

She must be used to it; David does seem to cruise (Cruz? Sorry) through life looking naturally perfect, even in a situation as embarrassing as The Dad Race.

People think that Victoria Beckham is the one who has done well for herself. Copyright [Splash]

She also must know that most people think she’s done ‘well for herself’ to get beautiful, smiley happy, epitome-of-perfect David.

And especially to ‘hold on to him’ for all this time: they celebrate 14 years of marriage this week.

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The view - which I ardently disagree with, I’ll go into that shortly - generally comes from women, which is as ironic as it is depressing, because wow, we are so bad at championing our own. 

As Posh and Becks are both crazily successful and rich, the distinction we’re drawing between the two - and the main differences in the way they’re written about in the media - is clearly based on appearance.

All anyone ever does to Victoria is critique her appearance. Copyright [Splash]

Becks is swooned over, Posh is critiqued all the way up from her ‘mishapen’ feet to that facial expression that we just will not let lie.

So we conclude that Victoria is ‘lucky’. We’ve had the importance of female appearance so deeply ingrained in us that we ignore everything else that might make David see a relationship with her as worthwhile.

David is rated as ‘better’ than Victoria because we prefer his face. Never mind the fact that Victoria founded an incredibly successful fashion label, when at one stage everyone had as much respect for her style acumen as they did for mine - and I am currently wearing leggings that are too sizes too big and chocolate fudge icing down my front.

People forget that she's a great mother. Copyright [Splash]

Never mind that she seems to be doing a pretty awesome job of being a mother to their four children, or that she’s funny (no more doubt allowed about this after that Twitter picture where she stood under the poster of David and cupped his golden balls), because she doesn’t do a nice smiley face for camera.

Now for the record, I do think Victoria is lucky to have David. He seems like a nice bloke, and if his alleged affairs did happen, they obviously made choices to work through it as a couple and came out pretty strong on the other side. Good for them.

I just also happen to think that David has a wife who’s intelligent, successful, hard-working, fun AND as a nice bonus is very unlikely to have chocolate fudge icing down her top.

And I think that that makes HIM even luckier.

Celebrity Twitpics: Victoria Beckham shares a snap of herself having her makeup done ahead of a TV appearance. Copyright [Instagram]
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Fri, Jun 28, 2013 15:00 BST