V Fest 2012: Michelle Keegan spotted getting close to her ex, Brad Howard

We're not the only ones living it up at V Fest this weekend: Michelle Keegan is here too!

Michelle was spotted with her ex, Brad. Copyright: [rex]

And it would seem while Michelle is here, she has been getting rather close to a man who certainly isn't her ex Max George.

Rather, she has been spotted with another ex — Brad Howard.

The pair dated back in 2009 B.M (before Max) and were spotted by fellow festival goers enjoying each other's company.

An onlooker told The Mirror: "Earlier, Brad and Michelle were chatting away and walking around the festival together."

Brad was with Michelle in 2009. Copyright: [rex]

However, when the pair realized that they were drawing attention to themselves, they quickly made sure they couldn't be further apart and Michelle even chucked one of her friends in to cover her tracks.

"When Michelle realized a group of photographers had clocked them, she quickly split away and a friend started walking with Brad instead".

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"Michelle hung back and looked sheepish," the source continued.

Well, well, well we certainly smell something rather fishy!

However, new boyf or no new boyf just how hot was Michelle looking?

We absolutely love her festival gear, especially the denim dress but we're not sure how necessary the boots and socks were.

Mich must have been blimmin' boiling!