V Fest 2012: Katherine Jenkins snogs Andy from Lawson

While we were getting sweaty to DJ Fresh and Cher Lloyd was off dodging bottles, Katherine Jenkins was getting rather close to a certain Andy Brown.

Katherine was seen snogging Andy. Copyright: [rex]

The opera singer only went and managed to pull Andy from Lawson over the weekend!

The pair were spotted necking cocktails in the VIP lounge with Kelly Brook before leaving together later that night.

*raises eyebrow*

A fellow festival goer said how the pair were holding hands and even spotted snogging the faces off of each other in front of everyone!

Lawson are well fit, incase you don't know. Copyright: [rex]

A source told The Sun: "They were strolling around backstage hand-in-hand, partying into the early hours. They'd been having a laugh all afternoon with a crowd of mates sinking cocktails. When it got really late they started kissing before disappearing from the party together."

Do we blame Katherine? Er, no! Andy is super gorgeous.

Andy tweeted the following day to say what a fab time he had however, admitted he was feeling a tad worse for wear.

"Hungover to death... Hope everyone enjoyed V Festival this weekend! Defo one of the best weekends I've had in a while!"

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Hmmm, pulling Katherine Jenkins is probably a lot of men's idea of the 'best weekend ever'.

However, Katherine's people are keeping very things very cryptic, saying: "They were just being friendly, having a fun time at V."

Yeah, we know one way to have a 'fun time' at V, especially when fitties like Andy are involved.