Union J X Factor EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ella Henderson is more talented than Christopher Maloney and should be in the final’

Union J have confessed that they never imagined that Christopher Maloney would make it to the X Factor final.

We caught up with Union J exclusively this morning for a chat (and a quick swoon) about all things X Factor related.

So first things first, Louis Walsh reckons they would be the 'NEXT. BIG. BOY. BAND' but do they think be as big as fellow X Factor alumni One Direction?

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Josh told us: "It's going to be a big ask because they are humungous and I don't think people can believe how big they are!"

What? We met Harry Styles and he really wasn't that big, bit on the short side actually….

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Next we wanted to find out exactly where Union J stand on the whole Christopher Maloney in the final saga.

Did they imagine the final three looking as it does? Because we certainly didn't…

Jaymi told us:  "When we first started this we thought it would be Ella Henderson, Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur"

No Chris then?

Jaymi says:  "Ella is more talented than Christopher, she was robbed massively. But he needs the show, he won't have as much opportunity outside the show"

"Chris isn't as current, but he isn't as bad as the press make out"

At least if he does win we will all have something to buy our Nan for Christmas.