Union J’s JJ: We’ve got better songs than District3

During their time on last year’s X Factor, boy bands Union J and District 3 were constantly compared to one another.

JJ thinks that Union J have better songs that rival District 3. Copyright [Wenn]

With Union J outlasting District 3 on the show AND landing a record deal with RCA since it would seem that the four piece well and truly won the battle of the boy bands.

Clearly aware of this, Union J’s JJ has now told Top of the Pops magazine that if the two were to release singles on the same week, he would have no doubts that his band would come out on top again.

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He said: “If we did, it wouldn’t matter. That sounds really arrogant, but I do genuinely think we have better songs.”

Don’t hold back there JJ.

Dan Ferrari Lane of District 3 was somewhat more diplomatic in answering the question.

He told the magazine: “Yeah possibly, but we’d try to make sure we have the best song.”

Union J and District 3 talked about their rivalry in TOTP mag this month. Copyright [TOTP]

Union J’s Josh then pointed out that the band should probably be aware that it wasn’t only District 3 who posed a threat to them.

He explained: “It’s not just D3 we need to compete with – there’s The Wanted, Lawson, 1D and JLS!”

Hopefully the boys haven’t let this interview come between seeing as they are currently traveling the county together on the X Factor Live Tour.

Copyright [TOTP]

Read the full interview in this month’s Top of the Pops magazine, on sale now.