Union J’s George Shelley and Ella Henderson ARE a couple! We knew it!

Ella Henderson and Union J's George Shelley are an official couple according to a loose lipped show insider.

George and Ella... BUSTED! Copyright: [rex]

Yep, we hate to say we told you so.

Despite the couple blabbing the old 'were just good friends' excuse, it would seem they are finally ready to go public.

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Speaking to The Sun, the X Factor snitch says that Ella and George make a fab couple and are looking forward to spending loads of time together on tour.

The source says: "Ella and George are the sweetest couple. It's so lovely to see them together now they're not denying it."

We tolddddd you! Copyright: [rex]

"They are thrilled they've both got far enough to get on the tour. It means they can spend more time together next year."

There is even an accompanying grainy snap of the pair HOLDING HANDS!

The pair were spotted having a romantic stroll outside the contestant's hotel.

So now it's pretty much official can we first of all say what a gorge couple they do make!

We reckon this is the best X Factor romance ever, and we reckon they should record some sort of duet in time for Christmas.