Una Healy tweets pic of Aoife Belle with her granny, too cute to handle

Aoife Belle gets impossibly cuter in each photo we see of her.

Una Healy's baby with her grannyUna Healy tweeted this cute snap of Aoife Belle with her granny. Copyright [Una Healy]The latest snap of Una Healy's baby daughter Aoife Belle is perhaps the sweetest we've seen yet. It shows the tot having a cuddle with her granny and it's just too much for us to handle.

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Una Healy tweeted the adorable family snap alongside the caption: "Mammy" the Granny and the "Nanny" x"

The photo shows Aoife Belle looking snug in a white babygro and bib, and sitting on her Granny's lap.

She also showed off her impressive full head of hair - but this time was without her trademark flower hair clip.

Una Healy will be calling upon the services of her mum in the coming months, with The Saturdays heading off to America to film their new reality show.

Una Healy photo of the Foden familyUna also recently tweeted this cute photo of the Foden family. Copyright [Una Healy]Una revealed during her pregnancy that Aoife Belle would be coming wherever The Saturdays went, but that she'd be calling on family members to help take care of her, too.

And it looks like Aoife is more than happy in the company of her granny.

Una recently revealed that getting married to long-term boyfriend and Aoife Belle's dad, Ben Foden, has made them more complete as a family.

Una said: "Being married makes us feel more complete as a family. It's the cherry on top. Getting married is serious to me - I married Ben because I want to spend the rest of my life with him."