Una Healy tweets photos of water baby Aoife Belle, we melt

Just when we think little Aoife Belle couldn't get any cuter, Una Healy goes and tweets another adorable photo of her.

Una Healy and Aoife BelleUna Healy tweeted some adorable pictures of her and Aoife Belle swimming. Copyright [Una Healy]The latest cute snaps of Aoife Belle show her having a splash in the pool with her mummy, The Saturdays' Una Healy.

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Aoife Belle is currently hanging out with her mum and The Saturdays aunties in LA, and it seems the girls are making the most of the sun and swimming time.

Una Healy tweeted to gorgeous photos of the pair in the pool yesterday. The first showed Una holding Aoife Belle close as the pair floated in the water, alongside the caption: "Pool time!"

Una Healy and Aoife BelleAoife Belle looked like she was having fun in the water. Copyright [Una Healy]The second showed Aoife Belle laughing and smiling as Una Healy lifted her up.

Not only was Aoife having a jolly good time in the pool, but she looked rather stylish too.

Aoife Belle has been trying out new hair styles too. Copyright [Una Healy]She was rocking some very cute swimwear, including a blue and pink spotted swimming costume with ruffles, and a blue floral hat.

Earlier in the day, Aoife Belle and Una Healy spent some time exploring LA.

Una tweeted: "Had a lovely Sunday strolling Aoife Belle in L.A, she was in such good form all day, squealing is her new forte! #adorable."

#adorable indeed.