Una Healy tweets family photo with Ben Foden and Aoife Belle, awww

Since Una Healy married Ben Foden two weeks ago, their little family seems stronger than ever.

Una Healy, Ben Foden and Aoife BelleUna Healy, Ben Foden and Aoife Belle look happy. Copyright [Una Healy]And Una Healy proved it by tweeting an adorable photo of her with her new hubby Ben Foden, and the couple's gorgeous daughter Aoife Belle.

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Una Healy tweeted the photo of the trio sitting on the sofa alongside the caption: "Aoife Belle loves to play."

The cute family photo comes just days after Una tweeted another sweet photo showing Aoife Belle looking right up at her daddy, along with the caption: "Had you a lovely honeymoon Daddy?"

Despite looking like the happiest family in the world, Una and Ben revealed on their wedding day that they're actually complete opposites.

Ben Foden with daughter Aoife BelleUna Healy also recently tweeted this snap of Ben and Aoife Belle. Copyright [Una Healy]Ben Foden said: "We're like chalk and cheese. I would love to be more tidy and organised and Una is super-tidy and super-organised.

"I love those sorts of things about her. I know I drive her made with my untidiness. But she has helped me grow as a person."

Una went on to say: "Ben is very laid back and I get stressed sometimes, so he really chills me out."

It seems that the pairing works, though, with Una seeming happier than ever since the pair tied the knot.

The morning after the wedding, she tweeted: "Had THE BEST day of my life yesterday!woke up so happy to know I'm now Mrs Foden! Thank you all so much for all the lovely tweets."