Una Healy with no make up is almost as gorgeous as Aoife Belle

Una Healy has proved she looks as gorgeous without make up as she does with after Tweeting a pic of herself slap free.

Una sans make-up. Copyright: [Twitter/UnaHealy]

We're not sure quite what possesses celebs to do it — not that we don't love it when they do.

We can't think of anything worse than posting ourselves minus our war paint.

Maybe that's why Una looks so sad? However,  if our naked mugs looked that gorge minus the make-up we'd be smiling with both sets of teeth.

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In fact, we'd probably send copies round to all our mates and make it our profile pic on Facebook.

Una also tweeted some more super cute pics of baby Aoife Belle, or as we like to call her: Saturday no. 6, posting this one with the caption: ''I'm serious Mom!'.

Aoife Belle is too cute. Copyright: [Twitter/Una Healy]

'Mom' being a nod to the fact the pair are currently staying in LA filming The Saturdays' new reality show which we are sure Aoife will have a big part in.

We couldn't help but notice how much Aoife looks like her Mummy.

Or maybe it's just her facial expression?

Professional posing team! Copyright: [Twitter/Una Healy]

Whatever it is, they are both gorgeous.

Earlier on in the week, the singer posted another gorgeous snap of her daughter having a little nap and wow, what a lot of hair she has now!

She looks like a little rock star in her crib.

Rockstar baby! Copyright: [Twitter/Una Healy]