Una Healy’s Aoife Belle becomes a true member of The Saturdays, has her first hair cut

Aoife Belle has been an honorary sixth member of The Saturdays ever since her arrival ten months ago.

Aoife Belle had her first haircut today. Copyright [Una Healy]However, it seems that Aoife Belle has followed in her Sats aunties' footsteps and has become a fully-fledged member after having her first haircut today.

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Because we all know that The Saturdays take immense pride in their appearance - and they all have perfectly shiny, styled hair.

Una Healy tweeted a photo of Aoife Belle having her hair done for the first time, and she looked pretty chilled out about it.

Aoife Belle with her new friend, Michelle Heaton's daughter Faith. Copyright [Una Healy]We reckon she was enjoying the pampering.

Una Healy tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "My first haircut with @nickytours !"

Not only has Aoife Belle had her first haircut this week, but she also made her first proper friend.

Frankie with Aoife Belle. Copyright [Una Healy]Earlier in the week, she had a play date with Michelle Heaton's daughter, Faith.

Una Healy tweeted a gorgeous photo of the pair holding hands and smiling for the camera. Afterwards she revealed that Faith was Aoife's first friend.

Too cute.

Una Healy also revealed this week the plans for Aoife Belle's first birthday in March.

She said: "She's 10 months old now so we'll throw a nice birthday party and shower her with gifts. She won't know what's going on but we'll throw a few balloons around."