Una Healy’s Aoife Belle has already mastered The Saturdays’ pout. Natch.

Una Healy may have only given birth to little Aoife Belle ten months ago, but she's already mastered The Saturdays' pout.

Una Healy, Aoife BelleUna Healy tweeted this photo of her and little Aoife Belle, who was pouting. Copyright [Una Healy]

Una Healy tweeted a gorgeous photo of her with Aoife Belle, showing that The Saturdays' newest member can already pout just like her aunties.

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Una tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "I LOVE her."

Well, how could you not? Aoife Belle is SUCH a little cutie.

Aoife Belle has spent a lot of time with The Saturdays as they promote their show in America. Copyright [WENN]Aoife Belle has spent the last few months in the constant company of The Saturdays as the girls promoted their new reality show in the US.

So it's no wonder that she's picked up the pout. That and the chic hairstyle.

Una Healy and Aoife Belle both look gorgeous in the photo, but Una recently revealed that her style has changed quite a lot since she became a mum.

Una Healy and Aoife Belle at ChristmasUna Healy and Aoife Belle at Christmas. Copyright [Una Healy]The singer, 31, said: "Now I'm a mum, when I'm at home I have no make up on, sick everywhere and I dress like a slob - it's just tracksuit bottoms, hoodies and I wear my hair on top of my head."

She continued: "It's totally different to when I'm at work and getting glammed up by a team of people.''

Hmm, we beg to differ Una. We don't think we've EVER seen you looking anything other than glamorous.