Tyler James: Jessie J or will.i.am will react badly to new ‘The Voice’ twist- EXCLUSIVE

Tyler James has admitted that he thinks ‘The Voice’ coaches Jessie J and will.i.am will potentially react badly to the new rumoured twist when the show returns later this year.


Tyler James EXCLUSIVE interviewomg! had a chat with the The Voice star

For the shows second series, coaches could now potentially be allowed to steal acts from their rivals.

When we asked who he thought would have the biggest hissy fit if their act was taken away from them, Tyler singled out his former coach and the ‘Domino’ singer.

He exclusively told us: “Probably Jessie or Will. Because, for all of them it’s a competition, but I think Jessie and Will are very, very competitive. So yeah I think that they would have the biggest problem.”

When asked what he thought of the twist himself, Tyler admitted that he was convinced about it.

He said: “I’m not sure, I guess maybe from a TV perspective that’s an interesting thing to watch, it might be very entertaining.

“Personally, if someone had been able to steal me off Will last year, I wouldn’t have been happy about that.

“The fact that it’s not my choice either, I don’t get how that would work because ultimately you get to pick your coach then your coach gets rid of you.”

Tyler will be watching The Voice when it returns. Copyright [Wenn]

So will he still be watching The Voice when it returns later this year?

Tyler said: “I will watch ‘The Voice,’ I don’t actually watch that much television. The thing I loved the most about being on ‘The Voice’ last year was that there were so many amazing people with different styles.

“So the reason I want to watch it is to see what kind of talent there is on it. And to see Will get up to his antics.”

Tyler is currently promoting his latest single ‘Worry About You,’ which is out next month.

The singer revealed that he had in fact written the track years ago about a girl who- you guessed it- he worried about.

He told us: “My new single is called ‘Worry about You’ and it’s the one song off the album that I wrote about six years ago. It was just an acoustic song that I wrote about a girl I worried about.

“So basically I just wanted to do a new version of it.”

The song also guest features rapper Kano, someone Tyler looks up to in the music industry.

He explained: “I wanted a rapper on it. I’ve always been a massive fan of Kano- everything he writes is so hooky. He put some bars down on it, had it remixed, got a different producer on it and that’s how it all came together.”

‘Worry About You’ is available to download from February 18.