Twilight 2012: Kristen Stewart we like your style! Slips into trainers at premiere

Kristen Stewart slipped into something a little more comfortable at last night's premiere for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Kristen changed into something a little more comfortable. Copyright: [rex]

Yep, Kristen was spotted sloping along the red carpet in something a little less glamourous later on in the evening.

Kristen started off the evening like this:

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart's backless ensemble looked amazing. Copyright [PA]

However, before the end she had swapped her heels for trainers and left showcasing a much more understated look.

But considering her main accessory is still Robert Pattinson, Kristen still manages to make our jaws drop even in her trainers.

In fact let's drool a it more over Kristen right now... here is how she started the evening again:

Kristen Stewart looked pretty blimmin' perfect. Copyright [PA]

We think if we looked like this, we would never want to get changed.

A bit like when you really love a new dress and you just want to wear it absolutely everywhere.

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Well, until you start outfit repeating on Facebook anyway.

So although we love Kristen for slipping into her comfies, we don't quite understand it but hey, we don't get paid to wear pretty dresses on the reg like Kristen.

And also, does this mean that she got changed in the cinema loos? Surely Kris could have held on until she got home.

Still, Twilight is a very long film, especially in a sequined jumpsuit.