Tulisa watch out, District3 say: ‘Louis Walsh is an utter gangster!’ Yeah, tell us something we don’t know!

District3 have revealed three things that we most probably did not know about their former mentor and X Factor's finest, Louis Walsh.

Louis Walsh is like, totes gangsta. Copyright: [wenn]

Speaking to the Official Top 40 appcast, the boys said that Louis Walsh, founder of Boyzone and Westlife, is 'an utter gangster':

"Louis is secretly an utter gangster, you should see him with a flat peak on, he looks good"

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Yeah, we thought you were going to tell us something we didn't know? Tulisa's urban roots haven't got nuffin' on old Walshy!

Mickey added: "He is deadly honest to the point where it is quite scary, every week he would say I think you are going to be in the bottom two, we were like 'Cheers mate!"

Talk about voice of doom.

However, Greg quickly chipped in saying: "And he loves Homeland"

Yeah, but who doesn't love a bit of Homeland? Proper gangster.

But you know what this means? Finally we know why he is so keen to nip off as soon as X Factor wraps on a Sunday night!

Listen to the whole thing on the Official Top 40 appcast here

Now, if we are talking about listing reasons, then we might as well just mention six reasons why we love District3:

Hands up who reckons Dan should take his top off more often? Copyright: [Twitter]

Dan Ferrari Lane, we love you.

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