Tulisa tweet blogs her celebrity birthday celebrations – not even a court case will get her down

Tulisa certainly knows how to turn 24 with a bang! Not only has she (private) jetted her way to party island Ibiza, she's turned her brunette hair into a glistening blonde mane for the occasion, and that's before we get started on her post court-case celebrations.

tulisaTulisa celebrated in Ibiza on the eve of her birthday. Copyright [Twitter/Tulisa]

Basking in the beauty of being a blonde who (arguably) has more fun, the X Factor judge took a mini army of friends on a plane to the Spanish island to celebrate her birthday.

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Next to the very smiley snap Tulisa posted: "Its my birthday and ill fly if I want to!! ... Up high if I want to![sic]"

tulisaTulisa posed for a Twit pic with her girls. Copyright [Twitter/Tulisa]

And  that she will.. clad in a floral crop top and matching skirt the white smile was proof enough she's made it to the dizzy heights as one of Britain's most talked about celebrities.

But the Twitter photo blogging didn't stop there once landed Tulisa got the drinks in with her girlies and shared an early-night snap with her pals.

tulisaWow, Tulisa has some cute male friends... Copyright [Twitter/Tulisa]

Keen not to forget the male part of the party the former N-Dubz star got the posse to pose for the camera with a fair few vests and muscular arms on show  - nice!

To close her live blogging Tulisa got one more group shot in writing: "Its my birthday and ill get crunk if I want to![sic]"

tulisaP.A.R.T.Y is something Tulisa knows how to do well! Copyright [Twitter/Tulisa]

Ahh, we want to be in her gang — private party in Ibiza.. invite us next time please!