Tulisa tells us to ‘BITE HER’, we remember some of the best Twitter meltdowns EVER!

Yesterday, Tulisa pretty much exploded on Twitter, she had a good old rant, letting us all know that she 'aint no lifeless robot' and that we can 'BITE' her.

Well, it's written on the front of the book. [Copyright Rex]

Tulisa wrote: "They want me 2 shut up...be a lifeless robot that plays their shallow media games.. be everything that's expected.. a shadow of my former self."

Tulisa finished with a simple message for all her 'haterz': "SO U CAN ALL BITE ME!"

She was also sure to use lots of cathartic hashtags like #REALLIFE and #REALPEOPLE.

We reckon that's those urban roots coming through.

Tulisa's little Twitter tantrum got us thinking: meltdowns, rants whatever you care to call them are pretty much amazing, delectably the best thing about celebs on Twitter.

Aside from bikini photos that is.

So here we present to you… the omg! list of the greatest Twitter meltdown's of all time… or the last few months any way.

Amy likes a bath, but not when people nick her mobile phone. [Wenn]

1.Amy Childs and the lost mobile phone rant

Poor old Amy got her phone nicked and instead of getting a crime reference number and sending out one of those 'I've lost my phone' messages on Facebook, she decided to go nuts on Twitter.

This was classic stuff.


We think the use of capital lettes is particularly effective, if a little frightening.

Lesson: don't mess with Amy Childs.

Chantelle says Alex turned their home into a 'sex dungeon'. Copyright: [wenn]

2. Chantelle Houghton and the 'sex dungeon' rant

While others may keep details like this for their closest friends or perhaps their therapist, Chantelle decided to take to Twitter to vent the more er, intimate details of her relationship with Alex Reid.

Sick of all his chit chat to various magazines, Chantelle decided to set the record straight with a very lengthly chat via her account.

Chantelle accused Alex of "arranging sex with men," turning their house into "a sex dungeon" and texting hookers "that he's had orgies with."

And to think, people say Twitter is just full of people saying what they had for dinner.

Katherine has only met David twice. Copyright: [rex/wenn]

3. Katherine Jenkins and the 'affair with Becks that didn't happen' rant

Seemingly coming out of nowhere on an afternoon in August, Katherine Jenkins tweeted a series of tweets denying an affair with David Beckham.

Being two names in showbiz that we had never even previously paired, we were very shocked indeed.

Kath wrote: "Dear Twitter friends, I've read some horrible rumours on here & want u 2 know I absolutely deny I've had an affair with David Beckham. The rumours are very hurtful, untrue & my lawyers tell me actionable."

Katherine Jenkins continued, saying that the pair have only met twice by chance, have never arranged to meet up and it are could hardly even say they are friends.

Well, we knew that anyway because the last thing we knew was that she was off snogging Andy from Lawson at V Festival.

Lee was not a happy bunny when his ex sold her story. Copyright: [wenn]

4. Lee Ryan and the ex girlfriend rant

Lee Ryan's ex girlfriend sold a story to a national newspaper and this made Lee Ryan a very angry man.

So Lee decided to vent his frustrations via 140 characters. However, his frustrations exceeded the limit and the Blue star ended up tweeting a whole string of narky message to his er, fans.

Lee wrote, using plenty of exclamation marks for good emphasis, things like: "Ready!!! She's selling her story!!! Already told me!!! Done twice already!!! Enjoy it!!! Read all about it, read all about it!! F*ck off"

After which, we think he probably had a nice lie down.

Next time Lee, may we suggest a scented candle and a bit of Antiques Roadshow, always manages to calm us down.

Calvin hates music critics, just so you know.[Copyright Wenn]

5. Calvin Harris and the rant against the critics

Calvin Harris was not a happy bunny when his album was not so well received by music critics.

In a string of 14 tweets in over two hours, the DJ wrote all sorts of livid twitterings.

We can only guess someone had trapped him in a room, stitched his eyes open and forced him to watch repeats of Made in Chelsea when he wrote:


At which point, we wish we could have calmly stepped in and switched it off.