‘Tulisa started shouting at me in gangster-talk’ says lady who ‘just wanted to say hello’ to Danny Simpson

Tulisa has been accused of shouting 'gangster-talk' abuse at two girls after they tried to 'say hello' to her boyfriend Danny Simpson.

Tulisa leaving in a much calmer fashion in London last night. Copyright:[wenn]

Tulisa and Danny were coming out of a club in Newcastle when the argument reportedly took place.

The girl told The Mirror: “All I did was say ‘Danny’ when he came out of Tup Tup with Tulisa. She turned around and started using gangster-type talk."

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We are assuming Tup Tup is the name of the club?! Anyway she continued:

“Danny was behind her... when she got to the taxi she turned around and was still shouting abuse when it drove off."

“She looked really angry but all I’d done was say her boyfriend’s name.”


The girls reckon Tulisa proper shouted at them for no reason. Copyright [Wenn]

Well, Tulisa's spokesperson has already defended her saying that the girls were shouting more than just Danny's name.

A spokesman for Tulisa said ­yesterday: “Tulisa and Danny were minding their own business and as they left the club, two girls started shouting abuse at her."

"She ­responded and there was an ­argument but Tulisa didn’t ­threaten them. A ­doorman from the club led her to a taxi.”

Later that night, one of the girls tweeted: “Tulisa's a disgrace! She was going mental the bouncer had to pick her up nd (sic) put her in the taxi lol.”

We think we know who we believe, but who's side are you on?