Tulisa’s sex tape boyfriend offered Celebrity Big Brother contract, her lawyers get involved

Tulisa's ex-boyfriend who sold THAT rude video was offered a contract to go on Celebrity Big Brother.

Tulisa when she was dating MX Ultra. Copyright: [rex]

Er, surely that pushes the boundary of 'celebrity' to places even we couldn't ever have imagined?

Alas, yes it is reportedly true.

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MC Ultra is believed to have been offered a place on the Channel Five show and was nearly all lined up to appear, until reportedly Tulisa's lawyers got involved.

Y'see, after MC Ultra was taken to court following the whole sex tape malarkey, he agreed to sign a contract saying he would NOT appear in any reality TV shows.

Excellent forward thinking there on Tulisa's part.

And here was us thinking TULISA was the CELEB! Copyright: [wenn]

An show insider said: “Producers wanted Justin to take part in Celebrity Big Brother because of the publicity he would bring.”

Hmmm, publicity despite all that pesky betrayal and humiliation, eh?

However, a spokesman for MC Ultra said last night: “Reality TV is not his bag and it is not something he would want to do.”

But then again he would say that, he is banned.

Still, maybe he could work behind the scenes as a cameraman? Surely that is MUCH more 'his bag'?