Tulisa buys £6million house, gives Danny Simpson a tour

Tulisa has forked out £6million on a nice new house and we reckon that it's only a matter of time before Danny Simpson moves in.

Tulisa and Danny are well love up, look! Copyright: [Twitter]

Y'see, Tulisa has said in recent interviews that she is super loved up with Danny and wouldn't be with him if it wasn't serious.

So we reckon she should move him in.

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It's FINE, it's celebland and everyone knows they move super fast.

Plus, if it's worth £6million then it's more than likely it is stupidly huge and we wouldn't Tulisa getting scared staying in all on her own.

Move over Posh and Becks, Urban and Simps are the new couple in town. [Wenn/Rex]

Or, as he is mega loaded and so is she then perhaps they could combine fortunes and buy a £12 million house?

Or maybe just paint the current one in actual gold and caviar?

Well, it's an idea.

Speaking to The Metro, Tulisa said: "If I get into something with someone, I've got to be pretty clear from the start that this is serious, otherwise it's just not worth it."

"I've got the house. I've moved there now. Halfway there to living the dream."

Plus, she was snapped showing Danny round it earlier today.

However,  if there is one lady who we bet won't be too chuffed with this news, then it's Danny's ex.

When the news broke that Tulisa was dating Danny, she came crawling out the woodwork almost immediately accusing the X Factor judge of being a 'home wrecker'.