Tulisa rants about sex tape ex boyfriend at Wireless, eek

Tulisa has had a tough time of it since her sex tape leaked three months ago.

Tulisa at Wireless FestivalTulisa ranted at her ex boyfriend at Wireless. Copyright [Rex]

We weren't surprised, therefore, that Tulisa decided to vent her anger towards the ex boyfriend who leaked the sex tape as she performed on stage at Wireless Festival.

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Tulisa has already recorded a video explaining the details of their relationship and apologising to fans after the sex tape leaked, but her on stage rant at Wireless was seriously angry.

Tulisa said: "Put your middle fingers up to my d***head ex, Justin f****** Edwards! Ladies, don't ever let any man pull you down, because I'm still f****** standing."

However, despite much of the crowd supporting Tulisa, some onlookers weren't impressed that she decided to rant so explicitly on stage at 3 in the afternoon. Eek.

Tulisa at Wireless FestivalTulisa gave an amazing performance after her rant. Copyright [Rex]It's not the first time this week that Tulisa's landed herself in trouble.

During a video shoot earlier this week, Tulisa was snapped making the C symbol with her hand - a known gesture by the Crime Scene Boys, a gang linked to drug and gun crime.

Tulisa was forced to defend herself, saying that the gesture was a reference to her hometown of Camden.

Well, Tulisa's nothing if not fiesty. After her rant about her sex tape ex boyfriend, Tulisa gave an amazing performance at Wireless Festival.

The star was dressed in a cleavage revealing patterned top and matching skirt. Gorge.