Tulisa and One Direction go partying together, we want an invite

If ever there was a celebrity get together we'd like to be a part of, it's a night out with Tulisa and One Direction.

Tulisa and One DirectionTulisa has revealed she had a fun night out with One Direction. Copyright [WENN]We all know that Tulisa likes a good party and a few cocktails, and we also know that One Direction are pretty fun guys, so we reckon it'd be a sure fire fun night.

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And now Tulisa's gone and revealed that she got hammered with One Direction, we've got a bit stroppy that they didn't think to invite us. Because we're such good pals and all. Ahem.

Harry StylesHarry Styles and the rest of the One Direction boys love having fun. Copyright [WENN]Speaking to Bliss magazine, Tulisa said: "I was with them the same night as Little Mix so we all went out and we got pretty hammered. It was quite funny."

"I remember the boys coming up to me and being like: 'Come on T, you've got to come out!' and I was like: 'No, because I've got a gig tomorrow and if I go out, I won't stop. Everyone knows I'm a party animal."

However, One Direction clearly used their charm and Tulisa gave in.

TulisaTulisa loves a fun night out. Copyright [WENN]She said: "They convinced me to go out and then they all ended up absolutely hammered and I was there, still standing going: 'I told you not to bring me out!'"

However, Tulisa was very diplomatic when asked which of the One Direction boys partied the hardest, saying: "They're all pretty bad! But you know what? They deserve it. They've been working hard."

Well, we can't argue with that.