Tulisa gets into her WAG role, shows off his and hers gazillon quid watches

Tulisa is really getting into her new role as a WAG, if her Crimbo snaps are anything to go by.

Tulisa and Danny shared their Christmas snaps on Twitter. Copyright: [Twitter]

Over Christmas, she and Danny Simpson have been keeping us updated with pics of exactly what they bought each other.

And we reckon if Danny's are anything to go by, the footie star is definitely keen to get Tulisa looking like a fully fledged WAG next time she is in the stands.

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Danny bought Tulisa a rather hefty looking, super blingy watch and it would seem that she bought him the same in return.

We don't even want to guess how much they cost.

Coleen would be proud. Copyright: [Twitter]

Tulisa was also treated to a black quilted Chanel handbag, a Louis Vuitton suitcase, a cute teddy bear and a pair of black Isabel Marant high-top trainers.

So pretty much, all you need to dress up as Coleen Rooney.

And later on after all the presents, Tulisa proved herself as somewhat of a festive maverick opting for chicken over turkey!

Tweeting a snap of her Christmas lunch imposter, she said: 'I'm not a turkey fan...hate it in fact...I'm getting a big ass chicken on! Any1 on the same page as me?x.'

Er, NO ONE likes turkey Tulisa, but that is NOT the point! Dislike.