Tulisa EXCLUSIVE: I look so much bigger in bikini photos than I actually am

Tulisa has a body most of us would have to sacrifice carbs and hit the gym daily for, but even she has her body hang-ups, yes really!

We spoke to the X Factor judge about her incredible bikini body and how she stays in such great shape, but Tulisa doesn't always agree with us…

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She told us: "Photographs can be deceiving, I can see a photo of myself in a bikini and go 'Mmm, looking alright,' and you see another of me and I go 'Wow, I look so much bigger then I actually am.'

We're not sure we've ever witness a bikini pic of Tulisa looking anything but gorgeous, but she carried on adding: "They [the paparazzi] can get angles and things. I don't stay in shape, I eat a lot of food and I'm lucky."

Yes she is!

tulisaTulisa looks amazing whatever the angle! [Copyright: WENN, Twitter]

While we may praise Tulisa and her great body, not everyone feels that way and like many celebrities she's also victim to trolling via Twitter.

Altrhough she told us her unique way of dealing with things: "I'm the person that will defend myself I'm not the type to sit here and say I can't take it if someone has a go at me on Twitter I have a go at them times 10 more."

And she didn't stop there her final line on the hate she gets was "I don't care. It is what it is, I don't get stressed about it.

"You learn to skim through the tweets, I get loads of abuse on Twitter it's the norm it doesn't even register."

Ahh, that's the Tulisa spirit we know and love.

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