Tulisa EXCLUSIVE: Little Mix are just the girls next door

Little Mix may be storming it in the charts what with their single Wings sitting pretty in the number one spot, but Tulisa thinks it's more than a strong song that's got them there.

After mentoring the girls on last year's X Factor, Tulisa has had a more than hands on approach with the girls although she's keen not to take credit for their subsequent success.

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Instead Tulisa attributed the band's popularity to the girls themselves.

Tulisa told us: "There's something different [about Little Mix] that defined them from other girl bands.

"They're just like the girls next door, you can pick a member and see yourself in one of them."

tulisaTulisa with Little Mix. [Copyright: WENN]

While the Spice Girl comparisons still roll in, Tulisa focused on Little Mix's likeability…

She added: "They're the kind of girls you want to be friends with, they have that vibe about them.!

And just like a proud mother Tulisa was bragging about how the girls are growing into their roles as pop stars:

"Little Mix are so much more confident in what they're doing on stage and in interviews and that's what made them so endearing in the beginning because they didn't have that."

We think they're still very endearing now!

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