Tulisa EXCLUSIVE: I hate caviar, but I know my champagne (she takes our posh test and FAILS!)

Tulisa has come a long way from her humble beginnings, but she's still very much the down to earth girl she was before N-Dubz, X Factor and Little Mix came into her life.

The X Factor judge has always been keen to prove to the public she's keeping it real and she hasn't let becoming a celebrity change her, but we wanted to put that to the test.

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omg! wanted to see if private jets to Ibiza, showbiz style parties and the life of a singer had turned Tulisa into someone eligible to hang out with the Made In Chelsea cast…

We asked the star how much a tin of caviar was and she was clueless saying: "I don't' eat caviar they're fish eggs aren't' they?

"I'm not really a fishy person I don't really like fish,  cod maybe, and  shellfish but in general not fish eggs I'd have no idea how much a tin of caviar is."

tulisaTulisa proved she hasn't let fame change her. [Copyright: Twitter/Tulisa]

So she won't be seen at Fortnum and Mason anytime soon…

Although she did correctly name two brands of champagne, you lose a point here Tulisa!

But she saved herself from any shame as she also failed to identify what LLB means after someone's name and the difference between public and private schools.

We weren't sure on this one either but private are independent schools were you pay a fee, public schools are also independent but are an elite group of private schools.

To round things off we asked the TV judge if she preferred to holiday in Barbados or Marbella and she sat on the fence on this one.

The verdict? Tulisa failed our posh test.