Tulisa: I don’t do fakery- Exclusive

Tulisa has stated that she doesn’t engage in fake behaviour.


Tulisa on her drunken 18th birthdayWe chat exclusively with the singer and X Factor judge at the 2013's National Television Awards

Exclusively speaking to omg! at yesterday’s National Television Awards, the 24-year-old told us that she ‘doesn’t do fakery’ when asked if she could show us her her best winner’s face.

She said: “Yes very excited [about the X Factor being nominated]. I don’t do fakery, whatever happens, happens.”

Well that told us.

She may not ‘do fakery’ in her real life but it seems that Tulisa isn’t against it regarding her career.

Tulisa wants to pursue a career in acting. Copyright [Getty]

The singer recently told The Metro that she is interested in pursuing an acting career following the release of her debut solo album ‘The Female Boss’.

She explained: "I've kinda been doing acting for a while but never found the time."

"Now the album is out and done, I can find the time. I love acting as much as music so I would want to go to the top as much as I would in music.

"The X Factor is the only TV I would really do but I am getting back into my acting career this year. There's a couple of films in the pipeline."

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Tulisa has previously starred in Brit horror flick ‘Demons never Die’ alongside Reggie Yates and ridiculously titled ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Gangster’.

Let’s just hope her future filmic projects are more successful than her debut solo album which entered the Official UK Top 40 at number 35 last year.