Tulisa: I didn’t go solo by choice, I prefer performing with N-Dubz

Tulisa may be basking in the success of her debut solo single, Young, but leaving behind her N-Dubz band mates of cousin Dappy and ex boyfriend Fazer was never something she wanted to so.

tulisaTulisa says she misses performing with N-Dubz. Copyright [WENN]

While at Phones 4u launch, Tulisa spoke about how she's been finding life pose N-Dubz saying: "I didn't go solo out of choice, I love music but I am still even finding myself as an artist on stage — it's pretty scary.

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"I really miss the boys. I prefer performing with the guys - I like being part of a team. I wouldn't deny the fact that I liked being in a group, I started off in a group and I was happy in a group."

We hope she's happy now too though!

tulisaTulisa also said she's still in touch with Little Mix. Copyright: [Phones 4u]

Although sharing the stage is something the singer is clearly a pro at, as she's perfectly poised next to Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh during X Factor filming.

While Tulisa speaks of 'missing the boys' she doesn't have need to miss her protégé act, Little Mix as they're in regular contact.

Tulisa added: "I was with [Little Mix] the other day at my single party when it went No.1. I get to see them every now and then.

"Obviously work schedules are ridiculous but if we do have the free time and we stay in touch."

Aww, that's good to hear!

Tulisa visited the Samsung Zone in Phones 4u Oxford Street to meet 40 lucky fans and sign autographs on the brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII. phones4u.co.uk