Tulisa defends Cher Lloyd V Festival bottling incident, calls it bullying

We were shocked at the news that Cher Lloyd had been bottled at V Festival, and since then numerous celebrities have spoken out in defence of the singer.

TulisaTulisa has defended Cher Lloyd. Copyright [WENN]Tulisa is the latest celebrity to stick up for Cher Lloyd after she was pelted with a bottle of urine at V Festival over the weekend.

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Tulisa has revealed that she thought the whole thing was 'out of order' seeing as Cher Lloyd is so young.

The X Factor judge said: "I just call it adult bullying, it's ridiculous. You'd think when you get older, people get over that sort of stuff. People forget how young she is, and how vulnerable."

Chery Lloyd at V FestivalCher Lloyd on stage at V Festival before the incident. Copyright [WENN]Tulisa continued: "I get bottles thrown at me all the time, but I'm so used to it that I'm just ducking and diving and carry on singing.

"You know me, I'll have a go at the person who does it anyway, so it doesn't really bother me as much. But for someone like her, I just think, she's only young. It's out of order."

Tulisa isn't the only one to support Cher Lloyd after the V Festival bottling incident.

TulisaTulisa revealed that she gets bottled 'all the time' as well. Copyright [WENN]Professor Green tweeted: "Someone needs to have a word with themselves... how f***ing disgusting can people be?"

And when Keith Lemon popped into Yahoo! omg! HQ earlier this week, even he chipped in: "I think it's horrible. I would've just p****d on them. Was the bottle open? I would have gone off, done a p*** in the bottle and thrown it back."