Tulisa’s debut single Young is our FRIDAY Floor Filler

It's Friday afternoon in the omg! offices so that means gorging on chocolate, putting our feet up and turning the radio up.

And this week's Friday Floor Filler is Tulisa's debut single 'Young'.

The X Factor judge's new track is released this Sunday and we're playing it on REPEAT at omg! HQ.

Produced by Fazer and Pete Ibsen, Tulisa's track 'Young' is a real  feel-good pop/dance track with a mesmerizing beat.

And although it's raining outside it's making us think of summer hols and sunshine.

The song, which is the first single from Tulisa's debut album, also makes us feel young and carefree. Which we reckon is always a good thing.

The lyrics "forgive us for what we've done, cause we are young" sound pretty good as a motto to us.

Tulisa's debut single Young is out April 29