Tulisa’s boyfriend Danny Simpson left unconscious after fight with man outside takeaway

Tulisa's boyfriend Danny Simpson was left bleeding, unconscious on the pavement after getting into a fight outside a Newcastle club.

Danny with Tulisa. Copyright: [wenn]

A fight broke out when Danny and his mates were queuing to buy food from a takeaway after a night out leaving the footy star in what seemed to be a bad way.

Witnesses say that a man in his 40s punched Danny, 27, to the floor where he was left not moving for around 15 minutes before an ambulance came and took him to hospital.

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A witness described what happened, saying: “He dropped to the floor and was half on the pavement, half on the road with blood pouring from his mouth."

“He was in a bad way. It looked like he’d been knocked out. Everyone crowded round him. He was still breathing but not responsive."

Danny and Tulisa have been together since November. Copyright: [rex]

“Luckily he’d landed in the recovery position so we didn’t move him."

Tulisa is currently on hols on Marbella and is believed to have been in total shock when she heard what had gone on.

A friend of the telly judge told The Sun: “Tulisa was shocked and upset when she heard what happened."

Er, you don't say?!

However, fear not because it's believed that Danny will be just fine.

The source added: "She was worried that Danny might have been badly hurt but she’s been reassured he’ll be fine.”

Meanwhile, his spokesperson has said: “Danny’s fine and will be back training tomorrow.”

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