Tulisa calls Lord Sugar ‘an ugly hobbit’ after he tells Simon Cowell he should ‘chuck her off X Factor’

Tulisa has branded Lord Alan Sugar an 'ugly hobbit' after she caught him badmouthing her to his mate Simon Cowell.

Sugs and Tulisa spent this afternoon having a Twitter row, well it is raining we suppose! Copyright: [wenn]

Sugs posted a tweet to Simon Cowell saying that her er, didn't exactly rate Tulisa as a judge on X Factor.

He tweeted: "Not wishing to be negative. Get back here and do X factor yourself and chuck Tulisa out. She knows nothing and talks rubbish"

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Never one to mince words, eh?

While the tweet was probably never intended for Tulisa's eyes, she somehow managed to track it down and replied to Lord S in a way only Tulisa could.

Remember Tulisa, it's not always about looks! Copyright: [wenn]

Tulisa decided to tweet Alan Sugar to give her critical thoughts on his display picture.

Tulisa said: "u look like an ugly hobbit in ur dp lol. Stop tweeting about me & go & find some happiness! Its embarrassing u miserable old man."


But hang on, it's a Saturday afternoon and these two celebs both have nothing better to do than slang mud on Twitter?

Surely Tulisa should be busy with X Factor right now, warming up her vocal chords for tonight or something?

And shouldn't Lord Sugs be off running his business empire or driving about in his car with the personalised number plate?

Well, we suppose it is raining today so perhaps they were just feeling a bit bored.