Tulisa’s new boyfriend was texting Wayne Rooney’s prostitute just 24 hours before they met

Danny Simpson is reported to have been pestering other girls, well prostitutes as it happens, for saucy pictures just 24 hours before he started dating Tulisa.

Danny has been dating Tulisa for about two weeks. [Wenn/Rex]

And not just any prostitute, prostitute to the stars Jenny Thompson.

If you care to remember Jenny was at the centre of the whole alleged Wayne Rooney cheating on Coleen saga.

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Oh, and now Jenny just so happens to be pregnant.

Jenny says she sent Danny a snap of her in just a pink bikini to which he replied: "Still sexy ya no."


Prostitute to the stars, Jenny Thompson. Copyright: [rex]

This then kicked off a rude texting sesh which Jenny says lasted seven hours.

Jenny sent Danny another picture of her laying on a bed to which he replied: "If I was close to u now ha, pic is so good... Bed looks amazing aswel x."


Jenny says to Tulisa: "It's a bit playboy really, I would say to Tulisa 'watch out', because he's not exactly loyal."

Jenny's claims come in the wake of Danny's ex girlfriend calling Tulisa a 'home wrecker' and saying Danny cheated on her while she was pregnant.

This ex also says Danny slept with her two days after he was reportedly texting Jenny.

Still, Tulisa doesn't seem too fussed by any of these continuing revelations and seems smitten with Danny.

He has been coming to X Factor rehearsals and it seems the pair have been pretty much inseperable since they started dating a couple of weeks ago.