Tulisa and boyfriend Danny Simpson get matching tattoos, must be serious

Tulisa and her boyfriend Danny Simpson have taken their relationship to the next level- by getting matching tattoos.

Tulisa and Danny have taken things to the next level. Copyright [Wenn]

The couple visited a tattoo parlour in Newcastle on Thursday with Tulisa revealing that they would be getting ‘his n hers’ tattoos via Twitter.

She wrote: ““His n hers tat...top day out @dannysimpson.”

Tulisa, 23, and Danny, 26, are yet to reveal what the tattoos actually look like but it is believed that while the footballer got his one on his torso, the singer opted for her lower back.

The X Factor judge was feeling the after effects of the tattoo yesterday however, taking to Twitter again to reveal that she was in pain from the etching.

She wrote: “New tat is aching 2day, worse then havin it done”

Come on Tulisa, surely by now you know what it’s like to have a tattoo ?

This is the sixth tattoo that the singer now has on her body, with Tulisa revealing to Captial FM last year that one of them is in a seemingly naughty part of her body.

She said: "I've got five, but one of them is a secret tattoo that you don't know what it is or where it is, Let's move on.”

We won’t ask.

Tulisa got in trouble for promoting her tattoo. Copyright [Rex]

Tulisa previously got into trouble with Ofcom two years ago over a tattoo on her forearm that reads ‘The Female Boss’.

Showcasing the tattoo every Saturday night on the live X Factor shows, Tulisa came under fire as she was deemed to be promoting her perfume of the same name.

Maybe if she had continued to do this in the second series, her album, also entitled The Female Boss, may have sold a few more copies.

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