TOWIE stars Lauren Goodger and Maria Fowler think they’re fat

The stars of The Only Way is Essex, Lauren Goodger and Maria Fowler, have both spoken about their body woes - with both claiming that they feel fat.

We know most of us girls have body image issues - from calorie counting to groaning at the scales every morning - but these two? With their groomed locks and fluttering lashes, they always look the part.

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Worryingly, Maria, who is tiny at a size 8 wants to drop a few pounds to be a size 6. She's even taken up kick boxing and is planning liposuction. She told Reveal magazine: "I see bits others wouldn't that I'd like to change! I see paparazzi pics of me in a bikini, and I think I look too big - I hate it. I really want to be size 6."

Lauren seems even more unhappy with her appearance, calling her legs and arms 'disgusting.' Typing this is making us sad.

She even went on to say that she's avoided looking in the mirror and that ex-fiance Mark Wright told her she was fat. She said to Heat magazine: "He makes me feel like I should be obsessed. He tells me that we'll be a bigger couple because people like to see good-looking slim people.

'The other day I said "Look my hips look big" and he was like "Yeah, they do. That's because your hips are big at the minute."

Yeah - we can't believe it either.

Here at omg! we think all girls should be healthy and happy. Neither of these girls need to lose weight - let's just hope they begin to believe that themselves - and find men who never put them down.

Read the full interview with Lauren in this week's Heat magazine.