TOWIE’s Sam Faiers reveals that Mark Wright has fancied Michelle Keegan for years

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s relationship was only revealed a few weeks ago but it would seem that the TOWIE star's infatuation with the Corrie actress has been going on for quite a bit longer.

Sam has revealed that Mark has always had a thing for Michelle. Copyright [Wenn]

According to Mark’s ex-girlfriend and former TOWIE co-star Sam Faiers, 22, Mark, 26 has had his eye on Michelle, 25, for quite a few years.

Talk about biding your time!

Sam told new! magazine: “Mark has always fancied Michele.”

When asked if she had met Michelle before, Sam revealed that she had a couple of years back at the National Television awards, much to the annoyance of Mark.

She explained: “Yes, at the NTA’s a couple of years ago. She was really nice.

“I got a picture of her and Mark and Arg were jealous. They both fancied her.”

We hope Arg doesn’t mind that his best mate Mark has landed the girl of his dreams.

Sam thinks Mark and Michelle make a great couple. Copyright [Getty]

Talking about whether she thought Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright were a good couple, Sam admitted that she thought they were.

She said: “I think they are [a good match]. I heard that Mark’s mum and dad went out with her a few times and really like her.”

Meeting the in-laws eh?

Things must be getting serious.

Before settling down with boyfriend Joey Essex, Sam briefly dated Mark.

When asked if she still had any feelings for him, the reality star was adamant that she didn’t.

“He’s always going to be a close friend and I’m close to Carol and Mark, his mum and dad,” she said.

“I will always know what he is up to through them.”

So Mark Wright, if you don’t want Sam chatting about your relationship with Michelle to national magazines, it might be best to limit what you tell your parents.

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