TOWIE’s Mario Falcone and Joey Essex rub dirt over themselves, get all sexy (we swoon/drool/make mental copies)

These snaps of TOWIE's finest, Joey Essex and Mario Falcone should help to wake you up this morning.

Fancying Mario Falcone right now. Copyright: [more!]

Er, PHWOAR much?

Now, we reckon more! magazine has been very clever in this photo shoot as everyone knows one surefire way to make a hot man hotter is to roll him around in a bit of manly car grease.


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Just check OUT Mario Falcone! We've quite honestly come over all inappropriate and it's not even 8am.

Yes, he might be an alleged cheat and all round awful boyfriend but wow, does he have a hot bod.

Not that that is an excuse, of course.... MOVING ON...

Joey Essex you look fit and we defo would (there, we said it). Copyright: [more!]

And just look what difference a couple of tyres can make to a man - it's official, we blimmin' fancy Joey Essex!

Sam Faiers must be one proud lady this morning even though we will admit, we still aren't exactly convinced by Joey's new curly barnet.

And in the accompanying interview the boys get similarly rude and talk all about sex and other things that will have you blushing over your cornflakes.

For example, Joey says: “I think about sex roughly four times a day."

*closes ears and runs for cover*

"Getting a call from my girlfriend Sam [Faiers] will usually trigger it, especially if I haven’t seen her for a few days. I never tell her over the phone, but as soon as I see her, she knows what I’m going to say: ‘Let’s go have sex.’”

OK, that is too much information.

If you can bear it, read more in the new issue of more! mag out today.

more! is out now