TOWIE’s Maria Fowler tweets completely NAKED photo, we’re baffled

Maria Fowler seems pretty pleased with her new body following her liposuction surgery. However, we weren't expecting her to show it off quite like this.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler shared this photo of herself completely naked. Copyright [Maria Fowler]

Maria Fowler has posted a photo showing her completely NAKED. However, we're a bit baffled as to why the former TOWIE star has got her kit off.

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Maria Fowler posted the image after having a spray tan, but we were a bit distracted from her bronzed limbs by the fact that she's completely starkers in the photo.

She posted the image to Instagram alongside the caption: "MOWGLI! (Sorry but I find this too funny not to tweet!)"

We're taking it to mean Maria reckons she looks like the kid out of The Jungle Book but the whole thing is just a bit weird.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler tweeted this photo of her new body last week. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Maria tweeted a snap of her newly toned body last week to show off the results of the liposuction surgery she had.

This photo showed her boobs, stomach and legs but Maria was keen to point out that she hadn't just had normal lipo.

She explained: "People get mixed up with lipo. I had proper HD vaser op where fat is removed. Not the "lipo" where they don't do an operation."

She continued: "There is quite a bit of irresponsible reporting saying I have just had a non invasive form of vaser. You couldn't get the results I have..... Just by doing that. The fat was removed under general anaesthetic a 4 hour op. looks amazing." [sic]