TOWIE’s Maria Fowler shows off her abs YET AGAIN, she just loves her new bod

We are starting to think that Maria Fowler might just love her new lipo-ed bod!

Maria showed off her abs out in London. Copyright: [wenn]

Honestly, recently it seems a day doesn't go by without some sort of flesh exposed Maria Fowler pic.

These snaps are from Saturday night when Maria headed out to top celeb haunt, Nobo for a bit to eat... in a crop top.

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As you do.

Maria first tweeted a snap of her newly toned body last week to show off the results of the liposuction surgery she had.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler tweeted this photo of her new body last week. Copyright [Maria Fowler]

And it seems that she has been keen to show it off ever since.

The photo showed her boobs, stomach and legs but Maria was keen to point out that she hadn't just had normal lipo.

She explained: "People get mixed up with lipo. I had proper HD vaser op where fat is removed. Not the "lipo" where they don't do an operation."

She continued: "There is quite a bit of irresponsible reporting saying I have just had a non invasive form of vaser."

"You couldn't get the results I have..... Just by doing that. The fat was removed under general anaesthetic a 4 hour op. looks amazing." [sic]

And she hasn't stopped tweeting 'amazing' pictures since.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler shared this photo of herself completely naked. Copyright [Maria Fowler]

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