TOWIE’s Maria Fowler gets half naked, poses in underwear and shows off killer abs.

Maria Fowler has had surgery and spent a lot of time at the gym to achieve her amazing body, so she's going all out to show it off.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler stripped off for this Twitpic. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Maria Fowler has stripped off half naked AGAIN to pose in her underwear and flash her killer abs.

The TOWIE star then took to Instagram to post the photo and make us all feel generally guilty about gorging on Pancakes last week and stuffing ourselves with takeaways and wine over the weekend.

Maria Fowler posed half naked in a tiny red thong and a grey jumper which she pulled up to make sure that her super-toned abs were completely visible.

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler has posted no end of photos of herself in her underwear. Copyright [Maria Fowler]As if we couldn't already see her AMAZING body.

Maria Fowler posted the photo alongside the caption: "Still got the #Abs."

However, the photo of her abs didn't seem to go down too well with her Instagram followers, who think Maria's 'cheated' having had liposuction surgery on her stomach.

One follower said: "Those 'abs' were achieved through surgery. I'd have more respect for the girl if she had worked hard in the gym."

Maria FowlerMaria Fowler has had lipo surgery on her legs, bum and stomach. Copyright [Maria Fowler]Another said: "It is bad that "celebrities" are saying that they have perfect bodies from surgery."

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Maria Fowler underwent an HD vaser liposuction operation to have the fat sucked from her bum, thighs and stomach.

The TOWIE star tweeted: "There is quite a bit of irresponsible reporting saying I have just had a non invasive form of vaser. You couldn't get the results I have..... Just by doing that. The fat was removed under general anaesthetic a 4 hour op. looks amazing." [sic]