TOWIE Marbs special EXCLUSIVE: Tom Pearce: I’m NOT Lauren Pope’s boyfriend

TOWIE's Lauren Pope and Tom Pearce may have been caught kissing for the Marbs special but when omg! caught up with the star fresh from his Marbella adventure, he was quick to play down their relationship.


Tom Pearce is the latest hottie to land on the show, and tonight's TOWIE Marbella special will see the screen heat up some more as he and Lauren Pope share another on-screen kiss.

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We're not sure why but it's Lauren that's been holding back and it's all to do with the age gap…

Tom said: "We're not boyfriend and girlfriend we're just seeing each other.

"Lauren and I are taking things slow, but she's worried about the whole age situation, she's 30 next month and I've just turned 22.

"She thinks we want different things, but it doesn't scare me she's more worried about it."

TOWIE marbs specialTom Pearce and Lauren Pope get close on tonight's Marbs special. Copyright [ITV Pictures]

But by the look of things (this snaps show the pair getting rather comfy) in tonight's show they'll work through their concerns.

On the subject of Laurens, we also grilled Tom Pearce on how things were with Lauren Goodger after their fall out in the season finale.

TOWIE marbs specialLauren and Tom share a snog on tonight's show. Copyright [ITV Pictures]

Tom assured us things were fine: "I spoke to Lauren in Marbella and there's no hard feelings there.

"I said I could have pulled her which upset her a little bit when we were in Faces. We're all fine now though."

Tom didn't seem too fussed as he retold his first advances to Ms Goodger: "Everyone told me Lauren Pope was too old for me and I that I should go for Lauren Goodger.

"People told me she's a nice girl but I didn't really know her. Anyway, she said no, but then she was messaging me a bit."

towie cast in marbsTom Pearce joined the rest of the TOWIE cast in Marbella. Copyright [WENN]

Oooh, is there hope for them yet?

Not in the next series as Tom tells us: "In the next series I'll carry on laughing with the boys, and you'll see what happens with me and Lauren.

We can't wait!