TOWIE Marbs special EXCLUSIVE: Tom Pearce: Gemma and Arg disappeared when drunk

The TOWIE Marbs special airs tonight which means the flirting, fighting and fake tan is back albeit in shorter form!

TOWIE talk at omg! has been dominated by Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh getting engaged, (which happened on a yacht in Marbella) but there are plenty more loved up couples to chat about which is why we grilled Tom Pearce on what really went down in Marbs....

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We asked if lip-lockers of the season finale, Arg and Gemma Collins, were totes loved up or not.

Tom told omg!: "Everyone was really drunk at a club and then Gemma and Arg turned up together, it was just the two of them so God knows what happened.

The only way is MarbellaTOWIE's Gemma Collins and Arg were thought to be getting it on in Marbs. Copyright [WENN]

"I didn't see them for the rest of the night."

Oooh errr.

That's all Tom would tell on the romance although we also asked how Mario and Diaggs were getting on following their fall out over Twitter 'banter' on the last episode…

Tom added: "I wasn't involved too much in it [the fall out with Diaggs and Mario].  I don't think they resolved it they just don't talk, I don't think they'll ever get on."

towie gemma and argTOWIE's Gemma and Arg's friendship got a lot more than than in Marbs according to Tom Pearce. Copyright [WENN]

We think the boys should kiss and make up but Tom wasn't having any of it as he added: "I didn't see Mario in Marbs at all."

Although he does know enough to hint (very heavily) at the badly kept secret that Mario and Lucy got engaged, adding: "I can't give [the engagement] away , but it wouldn't surprise me if they did."

Ok, that pretty much confirms it then!

To conclude our conversation on what happened in Marbs Tom said: " We did a lot of partying and a lot of stuff went down!"